Air Scam-bulance

One area of healthcare that is full of abuse is the use of air ambulances.…

One area of healthcare that is full of abuse is the use of air ambulances. Of course, not all are included in this, but the vast majority of them are. If fact, 80% of air ambulance usage is for “non-emergency” transport. The cost of air ambulance has gone up over 1000 percent since the 80’s. They are very influenced by investors who pay for them at hospitals or just simply own them outright. It is common for multiple helicopters to show up at one accident scene. The cost of air ambulance not that many years ago was less than $2,000. Today, due to the predators who have bought into this system, the average can be well over $25,000 and upwards of over $500,000. It is not billed to the insurance company and can be pretty much billed what these private companies wish. People are told to take the flight, not allowed to have someone drive them, take a ground ambulance etc. They then get their bill and realize that they were “out of network’ the insurance company pays a pittance, and the rest is on the patient’s shoulders. It is just another reason why I detest the major medical system that doesn’t promote price transparency and shopping for health care. I love what we do and would love to try to help you get a better rate on health insurance and break out of the “system” as our clients have.