Pamela B

18 Oct 2023

In 2012 I bought my own business thereby becoming self-employed. Shortly thereafter my husband became a real estate broker. The health insurance we had through his job ceased when his employment did. We sought other insurance and landed on the health insurance market place. Eventually taking out insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield at a cost of $2700- $2900 per month! It was a budget killer to say the least but it is what our minds had been conditioned to believe was the thing to do. Of course, our income exceeded the limits that would allow any cost deferment for the premiums for the premiums. Leaving the marketplace cut our premiums in thirds (less than a third). We have used this insurance when going to the doctor. I even received checks because the allowed charge was more than what the doctor charged. They sent me a check for the difference! Insurance is most assuredly a necessity. This has worked so well for myself and my husband.